Welcome to the Sweetness Club!

At the starting rank of Raspberry Scout, Sweetness Club Members will learn how to make every moment (even the tough ones) resonate with the venerable values of Jamcraft. No matter who you are (child, adult, condiment) so long as you are prepared to take the Jam Oath, the Sweetness Club will guide you on your path to becoming an outstanding member of Jamciety.

How do I move up in the ranks?

There are 12 Sweetness Club ranks. Ranks can be earned by active members** in sequence. Read about our 12 Sweetness Club Ranks >

How do I join the club?

Sign up for a 6 month subscription this very instant! In your first month's delivery you will receive your Official Membership Card, Sweetness Club badge and scarf, and a written copy of the Jam Oath. Every month afterward you will receive sundry sweetness in your mailbox: cute buttons, mini cards, books, t-shirts and other sweet jam goodies.

Want to sign up a friend? In the “Note/Special Instructions” section just after the Billing Info, let us know who we should mail the sweetness to. So that we can be sure to send age-appropriate and relationship-appropriate items, please include:

  • their full mailing address
  • their name and age
  • the nature of your relationship (niece/nephew, lover, grandpa, etc.) 

* Note: we cannot accommodate requests for specific items - each month's items will be chosen by us, the A Jam Story team. We promise to deliver sweetness, appropriate to the age and your relationship to the recipient!

** An active member is a Sweetness Club member who has a current membership that is not expired.