One Sweet Journey: Chapter Three

Previously: Sergeant Blackberry took on the challenge of finding Jam Jar and guaranteeing her allegiance to the Sweetness Club. Some pieces of toast kept their hands to themselves as everyone around them high-fived.

It was by means of sailboat that Sergeant Blackberry, charged with the task of delivering an Oath-capturing receptacle to the young Jam Jar, drifted away from the Sweetness Club headquarters, toward the field where his quarry lay with a tummy ache. The boat was fashioned from cracker boxes, sealed with water-resistant marmalade and equipped with old paper bags – for sailing. Dubious as it may have appeared, the boat whisked Blackberry towards Jam Jar quickly and true. 

Jam Jar had scarcely moved an inch when Sergeant Blackberry arrived, rankled to discover the new recruit prostrate on the grass. ‘Scout! On your feet! There will be no lollygagging, dillydallying or shilly-shallying in the Sweetness Club! There’s been a whole mess’a  people not being sweet these days, and you’re here to do something about it!’ Blackberry detailed the instructions about the Jam Oath, but when he presented J.J. with the glass jar, well, we’ll not go into the specifics of what happened, but it was not any sacred Sweetness Club words that filled the jar, but rather whatever it was that was causing the tummy ache.

Suddenly, Jam Jar felt a whole lot better.