One Sweet Journey: Chapter One

One Sweet Journey is a serial novella about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of the Sweetness Club. Chapter One begins today.

When you really stop and think about it, a tummy ache is something that should never happen on a beautiful summer day. But it was on such a day, in the middle of a soft, green field, under the soft, yellow light of the summer sun, that Jam Jar was beset by the inconvenient interruption of a world-halting tummy ache. 

“Ergggggh,” moaned J.J., collapsing into the grass. The tickle of the earth, something usually delightful under her bare feet, was bothersome. That’s a tummy ache for you, though: nothing is fun. 

As J.J. hopelessly wobbled about with her aching tummy pressed into the ground, she felt something under her. It was a tiny brown cardboard box, with looping letters that looked like cooked noodles reading, “Sweetness Club” and, under that, “Spread the Sweetness” and, under that, “Good for Tummy Aches.” 

And, just like that, Jam Jar had been drafted into the mysterious Sweetness Club and given the rank of Raspberry Scout. And, just like that, J.J. was about to start a big adventure. She just had to pick herself up first.