History of Valentine's

As A Jam Story laces up for Valentine's Day, preparing to spread good ol' Jammy sweetness with cards, surreptitious love notes and, of course, Sweetness Club memberships, we find it interesting to look back on the history of Valentine's, which, as it turns out, is rather colourful but sort of unclear. 


The Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia from February 13 - 15 with a mixture of gaiety, animal sacrifice and some questionable (historical judgements reserved) behaviour. Today, there is surely some darkness associated with the fourteenth day of February, with the potential to leave people feeling left out, or to remind people of previous, tender heartwounds. 

A Jam Story is taking a light approach to Valentine's.

We travelled through time for inspiration.

We travelled through time for inspiration.

We encourage you be a little whimsical this Valentine's. Pin a Jam button to your chest, give a fun love note to an old friend, or leave a small card at a stranger's table.