This week's #yearofsweetness is brought to you by local poet, performer and gentleman about town, Colin Matty. Catch him at the Fringe and put this into your browser sometime: http://convictionoverdiscipline.wordpress.com/

O Sweet

O Sweet! My love of sugared things
has brought me to your door step.
I throw hard candy at the window
rattle your roses red
and hum bee songs near the flower box,
sighing for a softer song of you.
But a look, my Sweet,
but an askance glance is all I ask
to set free these butterflies
from their pins and needles
into your roaring orange daisies
whispering blue bells
and pimple red raspberries.
I will weave laurels of your lavender
and preserve your sweetness
for colder nights to come
but first, O Sweet
O grant me a blushing peek!
Pull out these pins and needles,
let us dance in the thistledown
and drink the fading summer sun.  ^_^