Winner of the Jam Sweepstakes

And the winner is...

(Just a second)

At the Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair, we at A Jam Story had you, the Royal Bison Goer, guess how many buttons it took to fill this jar.

We'd like to thank everyone that participated, but there can only be one winner! There we some extravagant highs and some puzzling lows. In fact, there were  88 buttons, which means the winner is Cherlyn. Congratulations, Cherlyn!

Cherlyn's amazing intuition won her a  6-month Sweetness Club Membership, which means that she and hers will receive something sweet from the Jamverse every month. Read all about it here!

Everyone else, you too can join the Sweetness Ranks for 6 months, 12 months or FOREVER*. A Sweetness Club Membership also makes for a perfect holiday gift, extending the gift-giving season across an entire year! Wow! 

Happy Holidays! 
A Jam Story

*Pending quantities and apocalypses