Royal Bison // Black Friday

Hello, dear readers and Western consumers! 

Today is an interesting day in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is Black Friday, the epicentre of the storm of sweet deals, long lines and vicious combat now known as Black Friday Week. Black Friday is originally an American concept, but in recent years it has cast its invisible hand elsewhere, including Britain: 



It is also the first day of the Royal Bison, Edmonton's biannual, oh-so-fine art & craft fair. It is home to some of Edmonton's (and this year, the prairies') most wonderful creatives, crafters and artists. It is a chance to support locally made talent and strengthen the community. 

Both the Royal Bison and Black Friday are unique shopping opportunities. But at one you can have a Bailey's Coffee, talk with some neat-o locals  and buy things only available in your hometown; at the other you can buy several flatscreen TVs for the price of one! 

My mind's made up. See you at Walmart!