Why jam?

A Jam Story actually began with a peanut butter obsession* that came together in the form of a Peanut Butter Club. Meetings were held and (inevitably) jars of peanut butter were drawn. Once Club member Sarah Jackson began drawing peanut butter jars, she knew she had to draw a banana, then a piece of toast, and then finally the pièce de résistance for any peanut butter sandwich - a jar of raspberry jam.

This jar of jam led two members of the PB Club (Sarah Jackson and Jennifer Wilde) to sit down for lattes one day and create a story about self-acceptance and helping people recognize their own personal “tastiliciousness”. This tale became JAM, the first in a series of 5 jammy books that have now become a jammy empire.

*Note: this peanut butter obsession has since turned into an almond butter obsession. That is all, carry on...